Xtar VTC4 18650 2200mAh 25A IMR Flat Top Unprotected Cell


Introducing our XT-VTC4 battery! Due to the overwhelming demand and shortage of the Sony VTC4 and VTC5 batteries, XTAR has decided to manufacture and engineer their very own high-drain battery which not only competes and performs better than the SONY VTC4, but offers higher capacity at a lower price. Our batteries are trusted, certified, and guaranteed to deliver exceptional performance.

*This is not a Sony VTC4 rather Xtar's version of a high drain high quality 18650 IMR*



  • 1 x XT-VTC4 18650 High Drain 25A Battery
  • Battery sold individually


  • Safety: Safety is always the #1 priority when manufacturing batteries. The XT-VTC4 is designed with a multi-protection battery cell.
  • High drain: 25A high-drain current and lower internal resistance ensures enough power to drive your mods.
  • Huge capacity: 2200mAh capacity which is 100mAh more than Sony's VTC4, not only ensures enough energy and endurance but it can support over 500+ charge cycles.
  • Low price: The price of XT-VTC4 is lower than the VTC4 which makes it the best cost-saving alternative.
  • Flat top: Exact size to the VTC4/VTC5. Will work on all  mods and vapes that is VTC4/VTC5 compatible.
  • Reliable supply: Because we manufacture the batteries, we will have a sufficient number of battery cells on hand. 


  • Do not overcharge or over discharge!
  • Recharge drained batteries ASAP!
  • Do not use short circuit battery!
  • Do not throw battery in fire!
  • Do not expose to heat!

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