EagleTac - Sportac P60 3-XP-G2 LED Dropin

Dropin Type:


  • Sportac Light Dropin for 6P, 9P, 6Z, C2, C3, M2, G3, G2, or other CR123A aluminum P60 body.  18650 version fits most Surefire hosts bored to 18mm and all Solarforce hosts
  • Three XP-G2 Led P60 Dropin for SF host
  • 1224 LED lumen
  • 925/676 ANSI FL-1 lumen
  • Runtime: 0.8/1.1 hours
  • 2.7-9V operating voltage.
  • This triple LED combo gives higher lumen output and floodier beam.
  • 4,200 center lux @ 1 meter,
  • Beam distance 141 yards
  • Spot angle 18° with spill angle 90°
  • For 6P, 9P, 6Z, C2, C3, M2 G3, G2, or other CR123A aluminum P60 body (an optional fitting ring is needed when used with shock absorbing head (ie. M2))

    Installation: Remove batteries and flashlight head, then replace the P60 module inside. Attach the flashlight
    head and ensure it's tighten snugly for proper contact.



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