Klarus RS11

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• Specially designed magnetic connection. When the charging cable is within 1cm of the charging 
port it self-locates to make the connection. The charging cable can be removed quickly and safely
at any time, which makes it an effective flashlight to use in rapid response situations.

• Ergonomically designed to be easy to operate with just one hand. The switches are very easy to 
locate by touch in the dark.

• Uses a USB interface chargeable design, so you can charge in the home, office, airport, vehicle, etc. 
Basically, anywhere that has a USB interface. You can also remove the battery and charge separately 
and also use CR123A batteries (do not charge CR123A batteries).

• Low loss, high intensity, portable USB charging cable (K1-D5).
• Any 18650 rechargeable battery with PCB protection can be used. (Not included)

• Strobe can be activated when the flashlight is on or off, giving instant access to a blinding strobe from 
any mode.

• Three lighting modes with memory function make it adaptable for different situations.
• Detachable stainless steel strike bezel protects the lens and has a self-defense purpose.
• Color filters and a diffuser can be securely attached; screwed-in to replace the bezel.
• Uses just one 18650 battery. Max output is 620 ANSI lumens and super long runtime of 9 days.
• Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (underwater to 2 meters).

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