Xtar XP4C Li-Ion/Ni-MH Charger

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Now: $21.75



Xtar XP4C Li-ion/ Ni-MH Charger



  • Charge 4 batteries simultaneously and independently.
  • Intelligently identifies li-ion and NI-MH rechargeable batteries, and automatically chooses the suitable charge method.
  • For Li-ion batteries: three-stage charging(TC-CC-CV), for Ni-MH batteries: trickle charge and pulse charge with the 0V-V detection method.
  • XP4C intelligently selects the charge current(0.50A0.1A) according to the charging bay that the batteries are inserted in.
  • LED indicators do the real-time detection of batteries charging and discharging status.
  • When charging is complete, XP4C will automatically stop and restart charging when the battery voltage is lower than 3.9V.
  • XP4Cs CH1 slot can discharge battery to repair the capacity and eliminate the memory effect.
  • XP4C has over-voltage, over-load and over-heat protection function.
  • Reverse polarity protection and short circuit protection.
  • XP4C has 0V activation and soft start function.

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